Koolfog 101: Outdoor Cooling, Misting Systems, Misting Fans & Fogscapes


Outdoor Cooling

Any time an outdoor environment is faced with rising temperatures, using outdoor cooling solutions such as misting systems or using misting fans outdoors is beneficial. In high temperatures, people and animals react; their senses heightened. They seek refuge from the heat. Plant’s reproductive development may be damaged by high temperatures, or damage may occur to components of leaf photosynthesis.

Certain goods react to the heat and may be damaged beyond repair. Koolfog’s outdoor cooling systems and misting fans outdoors use high pressure, pure water, misting and commercial and industrial misting fans to enhance outdoor environments making them more comfortable, functional, and inviting.

Misting Systems

Our outdoor misting systems are based on the principle of air moving past water causing water to evaporate. The outdoor heat, necessary to cause evaporation, actually draws from the air temperature and cools the surrounding area within seconds. Our mister systems do this by atomizing high-pressure water via specialized misting nozzles that produce a fine mist or dry fog that is perfectly sized for evaporation. When evaporation occurs, temperatures drop.

Koolfog’s outdoor cooling, misting systems and humidification solutions are engineered with a unique mix of industrial-grade components including high-pressure misting pumps, stainless steel atomization line, a selection of misting nozzles, misting fans, and unique cooling modules that work in-tandem or independently of a misting system to provide the ultimate cooling experience.

Misting Fans

Koolfog mister systems and misting fans are viewed as a unique but essential upgrade to outdoor environments by architects, developers and general contractors involved in residential and commercial construction projects including resorts, retail centers, restaurants, theme parks, schools, parks and recreation, golf resorts and private estates. Mechanical engineers look to Koolfog’s misting fans with mist to control climates for plants, animals and durable goods in dairies, equestrian centers, greenhouses, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Misting outdoor fans and humidification solutions are part of the Koolfog family of outdoor cooling and sensory products and services. We create complete comfortable outdoor atmospheres with quality products, detailed services and unique solutions. Koolfog is an atmospherics company specializing in transforming environments into appealing outdoor spaces with outdoor cooling fans with mist, fog effects, outdoor heating, outdoor scenting and more. We help stimulate the senses.


Koolfog’s pure water, high pressure fog systems are considered an indispensable, yet unique, addition to any landscape architect or contractor’s resources. Fogscapes can be used to highlight architectural focal points and add a layer of sensory delight to any landscape or outdoor environment. Due to our manufacturing excellence, Koolfog’s fog can create a look of dense fog, precipitation, low lying landscape mist or smoke. This is directly due to the particle size that is emitted from our customized fog nozzle. Because the particles are lighter, they naturally drift collect and build on each other, rather than evaporate. The end effect is stunning.

Koolfog’s fogscapes are an innovative solution and a part of Koolfog’s outdoor atmospherics solutions, allowing for the transformation of outdoor spaces into appealing, inviting and captivating environments. We offer quality products, design assistance, superior service and unforgettable sensory solutions for any outdoor experience.