Coachella Valley Misting System Winter Maintenance

Coachella Valley Misting System Winter Maintenance

Coachella Valley Misting System Winter MaintenanceYou may be well into your winter mode, enjoying the cooler temperatures and the holiday season. But did you know that while you aren’t using your misting system during this time of year, the components are susceptible to damage in winter temperatures – even in the Coachella Valley? Coachella Valley Misting offers misting system winter maintenance and shut down service to protect your misting system, helping to extend its life and to operate at maximum efficiency when you do need again…in just a few short months.

Beware of Freezing Temperatures
Although we live in an area where the days are still warm, just one night at 36 degrees or lower can create cracks, bursts or leaks in your misting systems pipes and components. Even without freezing, water sitting in the pipes can become stagnant and should be emptied when you aren’t using your misting system for a long time.

Misting System Winter Maintenance/Seasonal Shut Down
Koolfog cooling solutions generally require little maintenance, however, misting system winter maintenance/seasonal shut down service should include these steps:

  • Disconnect the water supply
  • Empty water filter canisters
  • Air dry Lines using compressed air
  • Disconnect the power supply
  • Perform multi-point inspection and deliver to the client a report with recommendations
    (if any) of additional service and repair needs.

Comfort Club for Coachella Valley Misting Customers
Routine inspections and maintenance are important to keeping your misting system working at its best and can also help avoid costly repairs. Coachella Valley Misting offers misting system winter maintenance through our Comfort Club, which helps keep you on schedule and provides discounts. There is no membership fee, we just ask for a commitment to schedule seasonal services for your misting system. We only bill for services provided.

At Coachella Valley Misting, we are committed to providing superior components and the highest level of customer service. Please contact us at 760-321-9203 to learn more about our Comfort Club and we’ll schedule your misting system winter maintenance.

Bryan Roe

Founder and President at Koolfog
Bryan has been working on the forefront of technology for his entire professional career. Slightly obsessed with strategy and development, his drive and focus catalyzes the best ideas into reality. With a constant eye on technology development while advancing thoughtful business models that deliver, Bryan offers exceptionally effective and efficient cooling technologies that provide enhanced comfort and enjoyment for people, plants and animals.